Bent Knees and Raised Fists

Because Sports Are Politics

Further Reading

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. –Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Liverpool Football Club: Where Red is the Color of Politics

“Why Liverpool Fans’ Big Political Statements are Totally Justified Before UK General Election” by Daniel Austin

“Liverpool are a Long Way from Socialism These Days” by Ken Early

“Liverpool’s Rebirth: Poverty is Never Far Away” by Jo Thomas

The Invisible Hand of MMA Face Punching (Part 2)

“10 MMA Fighters Who Squandered Their Natural Talent” by Jeffrey McKinney

“Dana White is Done with Cyborg Justino: ‘Have a Nice Life’” by Michael Blinn

“Coldwater’s Dan Severn to be Inducted into National Wrestling Hall of Fame” by Troy Tennyson

Rooting for the Laundry… with Prejudice!

“The Astros’ Cheating Scandal Rewrites a Decade of Baseball History” by Jeremy Venook

“Eight Myths Out: The Black Sox Scandal”

“15 Olympic Athletes who have Been Caught Cheating” by Edith Hancock

The Invisible Hand of MMA Face Punching (Part 1)

“Do Win Bonuses Incentivize MMA Fighters to Give Their All – Or Play it Safe?” by Ben Fowlkes

“UFC Fighters Say Low Pay Simply Brutal” by John Barr and Josh Gross

“Randy Couture Still Lobbying for Changes in Ali Act to Add MMA Fighters to Mix” by Farah Hannoun and Ken Hathaway

From Walter O’Malley to Rob Manfred-Bernie’s Baseball Journey

“Bernie Sanders Q&A: Inside His Fight to Protect Minor League Baseball” by Michael Shapiro

“‘Ripping a Community Apart’: Minor-league Franchises on the Chopping Block Ready to Fight MLB’s Proposal” by Gabe Lacques

“Who’s Really to Blame for Dodgers Leaving Brooklyn?” by Richard Brownell

Raised Fists and Olympic Myopia: The IOC and the Hypocrisy of the 2020 Protest Ban

“Tommie Smith, John Carlos Inducted Into the Olympic Hall of Fame” by Katherine Fung

“Jesse Owens & Athletes Who Protest (or Don’t)” by Rhonda Evans

“Corruption is Killing the Olympic Games — Or Should” by Charles Lane

Broadcasting Bias: The Persistence of On-Air Racism

“Baseball Therapy: Is There Really Racism in the Broadcast Booth?” by Russell Carleton

“Tony Dungy: Some Announcers’ Biased Language Perpetuates Black QB Stereotypes” by William C. Rhoden

“Nice Try, Richard Sherman, But Racist Comments Are Racist Comments In Sports” by Terence Moore

LeBron Misses From Wide Open

“LeBron James No longer King James for Hong Kong protesters” by John Leicester

“China and the NBA Are Coming to Blows Over a Pro-Hong Kong Tweet. Here’s Why.” by Rosie Perper

“How Hong Kong’s Complex History Explains its Current Crisis With China” by Erin Blakemore

Paying For the Seat Before You Buy the Ticket: Stadium Subsidies

“Your City Should Say ‘No’ To Stadium Subsidies and ‘Yes’ To Money Fires” by Art Carden

“The Hidden Costs of Stadium Subsidies” by Michael Farren

“Sports, Jobs, & Taxes: Are New Stadiums Worth the Cost?” by Andrew Zimbalist & Roger G. Noll

The Bass Siren: How the U.S. Government Took On Paul Robeson

“Why Paul Robeson Was Labelled a Psychopath” by Matthew Wills

“Paul Robeson Day Celebrated At Rutgers Football Game” by Cyril Josh Barker

“Jackie Robinson Versus Paul Robeson: A Double Play for the Ages” by Peter Feuerherd

Baseball’s Silent Stakeholders-A Proposal for Organizing Fans

“‘How Interested Are You Right Now?’ Attendance, Changing Fandom and the Health of Major League Baseball” by Evan Drellich

“The “Who Owns the Baseball” Issue Just Will Not Go Away” by J. Gordon Hylton

“Baseball Fans Reach Settlement Over MLB Telecasts on Verge of Antitrust Trial” by Eriq Gardner

The Fast Spreading Plague of Racism in Football

“‘Black Friday’ Headline Is Condemned by Stars of Italian Soccer” by Elisabetta Povoledo

“Dutch Soccer Set for Widespread Protests Against Racism” by Ben Church

“A Youth Soccer Team in Italy Said it Would Stand Against Racism- By Plying its Next Game in Black Face” by Jacob Bogage

The Hidden Ethics of Combat Sports

“A Brief History of Boxing”

“Why Do Humans Like Combat Sports: Well at least Why I Like Them…” by Angelo Baaco

“New York Ends Ban and Becomes 50th State to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts” by Bryan Armen Graham

Rotten Apples: A Brief History of Nefarious Owners in New York Baseball History

“When the Feds Went After the Hedge-Fund Legend Steven A. Cohen” by Sheelah Kolhatkar

“Baseball and Tammany Hall” by Tony Morante

“Steinbrenner Pardoned by Reagan For ’72 Election Law Violations” by Julie Johnson

Broken Heroes: Domestic Violence in Professional Sports

“Astros Staffer’s Outburst at Female Reporters Illustrates MLB’s Forgive-and-Forget Attitude Toward Domestic Violence” by Stephanie Apstein

“Domestic Violence and the NFL: A Sampling of Players Who Have Been Charged” by Paul Vigna

“Pacers star Victor Oladipo surprises domestic violence survivor with car” by Jill Martin

The Political Star Power of Athletes in Asia

“Why Pakistan’s Islamists Aren’t the Real Problem for Imran Khan” by Tom Hussain

“Navjot Singh Sidhu Back in Action: Meets Supporters, Says Not Quitting Congress,”

“Here’s Why We Still Root for Pacquiao Despite His Shitty Politics,” by Lex Celera

Made to Play the Game

“12 Pro Athletes Who Became Successful Politicians” by Corey Nachman

“The Backup Career: Not Quite Olympic Athletes Turned Politicians” by Joan Greve

“9 Professional Athletes Who Became Politicians” by Dan Stewart

Growing Class Awareness and the Future of MLB

“As You Try to Make Ends Meet – Here’s a Look At MLB Salaries Entering 2019”—heres-a-look-at-MLB-salaries-entering-2019-507815191.html

“Huge Contracts and Big Concerns. What’s Going on With MLB Salaries?” by Jeff Passan

“For a Mike Trout, M.L.B. Flaunts Its Wealth. Average Players Reap Austerity” by Kevin Draper

Why Does it Always Have to Be About Race?

“Colin Kaepernick Refused to Bend to Roger Goodell’s Will” by Dave Zirin

“From Louis Armstrong to the N.F.L.: Ungrateful as the New Uppity” by Jelani Cobb

“To Shut Up and Dribble or Not? Bryant, Davis Discuss Black Athlete Activism” by Brendon Kleen

Giving Athletes: Why Sports Philanthropy Deserves Our Attention

“10 Current Athletes Who Are Ridiculously Charitable” by Chris Roling

“Cristiano Ronaldo Tops List of World’s Most Charitable Sports Stars”

“Alex Rodriguez’s Charity Raised $403K in 2006 but Donated Only $5K” by Marc Weinreich

Pennies In the Bushes

“Union Head Praises Jays for Raising Minor League Pay by Half” by Jake Seiner

“Fight Against Low, Low Pay In Minor League Baseball Continues Despite New Obstacles” by Tom Goldman

“Across the Country, Minor League Towns Face Major League Threat” by Dan Barry

Hockey Isn’t for Everyone–But it Should Be

“A Conversation With Brock McGillis on Homophobia in Hockey,” podcast by Jashvina Shah

“New Research Offers Insights Into What Keeps Gay Hockey Players from Coming Out,” by Michael Brown

“The NHL thinks it’s ready for its first publicly out player. It’s not,” by Andrew

Lost Seasons

“The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: American College Athletics” by Howard J. Savage

“NCAA Not Playing Fair in Parceling Out Sanctions” by Jordan Daniel

“Penn State Abuse Scandal: A Guide And Timeline” by Bill Chappell

The Highest Honor

“The White House Just Hosted Another Men’s Sports Team. Why Not Women’s Teams?” by David Nakamura

“Sports Teams Court Controversy Over Visiting Trump in White House” by Brett Samuels

“A Brief History of Jerseys Presented to Presidents” by Paul Lukas

Sports and Politics Don’t Mix

“Here’s How Nate Boyer Got Colin Kaepernick to Go from Sitting to Kneeling” by Will Brinson

“Muhammad Ali—Boxer, Activist and Provocateur—Dead at 74” by Richard Hoffer

“Jackie Robinson Fought for a Racially Inclusive GOP” by Michael G. Long

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