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  • All pieces should be between 1,000 – 2,000 words.
  • Please be sure that any sources you used in creating your work are cited via a hyperlink placed on the relevant text. If you have other articles that were not directly used in your work, but you believe further enhance your story, send us those links. Bent Knees and Raised Fists has a “Further Reading,” page for visitors to peruse should they want more information. If you use a source that is not linkable (i.e. an article that you accessed through your account) please provide an image of that source and we will create a viewable link within the site. We know this is asking for a little more documentation than most blogs, but it is so easy when discussing sports history for the myths to replace the truth and, while we love a good myth, we want to be sure that the ideas we are perpetuating are based in facts.
  • Please provide 2-4 images for your piece. Each image should be in JPG or PNG format, at least 150dpi, and no larger than 10MB. All images must be either a) public domain, b) used with permission from the copyright holder, or c) your own. Images used with permission should include the name of the rights holder so they can be properly credited. Should the image be yours, you will retain all rights and neither Bent Knees and Raised Fists, nor any of its agents, will ever attempt to claim ownership of said image.

Things to consider

  • You must have a WordPress account. If you do not have one, go to and click on “Get Started” to set up your free account. Email your username to us at You will be added as a contributor to our site.
  • Prior to your first submission, please email us a 100-word or less biography and a recent headshot or photograph for the “Our Team” page. If you are unsure what this should look like, please click here to see examples.
  • When it is time for you to submit your story please create a new post and save it. Do not publish your story! We need to edit it first, and we also will be releasing new content on a schedule. We will handle the final publishing. If you are unsure about how any of this works in WordPress, review the Posting Instructions listed below.
  • At this time, we are willing to accept works that have been previously published on other sites, assuming the original site does not have a restriction preventing you from doing so. We will also credit the site where it originally appeared, so please be sure to include that information.
  • The aim of Bent Knees and Raised Fists is to look at the intersection of sports and politics through the lens of history. Please be sure that your work explores that history and informs the reader of why that is relevant to the politics of sports today. Should you wish to have your piece solely examine a story from a historical perspective, and not attempt to connect it to any current issues, that is potentially acceptable. However, because the arc of history tends to be a circle, please be certain that the story you are telling does not have any relevance to today before making that claim.
  • As the allusions included in the name of the site indicate, we are going to lean towards a more progressive platform. The greatest stories from sports history tend to be the ones in which an oppressed individual either excelled against, or failed because of, the larger forces against them. This does not mean, however, that we do not want stories with a more conservative angle. We hope this site can serve as minor bridge over the ever-widening divide of public discourse, and that does mean listening to differing voices. What we will not accept are stories which perpetuate oppression, racism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-transgender and anti-science beliefs, or attack any other marginalized group. Such stories will be rejected.
  • Diving into the world of political writing, even from the “safer” arena of sports, can be fraught. We are living in a fractured time which is greatly exacerbated by social media. I do not expect any writer whose work appears on the site to ever back down from a fight with an individual who is espousing any of the oppressions mentioned above, but should debate spring from one of our articles, please conduct your side of the argument with decorum. It is our goal for Bent Knees and Raised Fists to elevate debate, and not sink it to the levels that, say, a certain President typically falls.
  • Content will be released on a predetermined schedule based on how many articles we receive. Articles that relate to current events will be released on a prioritized schedule.

Posting Instructions

To create a new post:

  • Login to
  • Go to our site
  • Click on the Write button at the top of the page.

While working on your article, be sure to Save as Draft. Do not publish your post.

Once you have a draft, the Write button at the top of the page will display your draft(s). Click on the number to access your draft(s).

When you are ready to submit your article, check the box next to Pending Review and click Save as Pending (the Save Draft link becomes Save to Pending once you check the Pending Review box).

Contact us when you have submitted the article for review. If any changes need to be made, your article will revert to draft status and you can repeat these steps to edit your article until you are ready to save as pending.

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